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Exchange Components

  • We maintain a large inventory of Exchange Components for Hitachi and Volvo machines, including cylinders, final drives, transmissions, drop boxes, brake packs, and engines.
  • Our major rebuild centers are located in Evansville, IN and Corbin, KY.
  • Our Cincinnati, OH branch also houses our state-of-the-art Machine Shop.

Rudd Central Warehouse

  • Rudd has its own centrally located warehouse in Cincinnati, OH with over 150,000 items on the shelves, which each branch has access to.
  • Our Central Warehouse allows us to stock slower moving items in a central location to supplement our branches’ parts warehouses.
  • All branches receive stock from our Central Warehouse daily, to ensure off-the-shelf availability.

Rudd Freight System

  • The Rudd Freight System provides our branches delivery time efficiency and cost savings.
  • Our independent parts freight system operates?nightly, Monday thru Friday, thru seven states.
  • If we don’t have a part in our local inventory, we can allocate from any branch or the central warehouse and the parts will be delivered the next morning.
  • The Rudd Freight System includes all 12 branches in its nightly run.

Our Specials